Fostering Kitties

As you all know our most amazing Gus pup passed away January 2020. It has been a hit to my heart like no other.

Our kiddos, Em and D, also miss him like crazy, but had been wanting to get kittens for a long time. Wanting to have another pet is something that is on my radar, but with needing to have reconstruction yet I just haven’t been feeling like filling that void just yet.

After a long discussion my husband and I decided that signing up to be a foster home for a local rescue for cats would be an ideal compromise. Plus it is a portion of the kids Christmas gift that will just keep on giving.

We had our first set of little kittens the two weeks prior to Christmas, and they were playful little fluff balls of energy. It is teaching so many good lessons, let’s the kids get their pet fix, and then when they find their forever homes we get a break.

Winning all around.

Of course there are downfalls. The heartbreak of letting them go. The trial and error of having different kitty personalities with each round. Learning the different likes and dislikes each time.

Parenting is hard. We’re all just making it up. But at least these kitties will bring a little joy into our current lock down status. 2021… still not sure what you have in store for us. But whatever it is, 2020 taught me I’m never really prepared!

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