Who is Haylie Lashta?

Until recently I have completely tied my identity to my multidisciplinary practice in Warman. The “official” bio I have focuses entirely on my accomplishments from being a University of Saskatchewan alumni with a Bachelor of Science of Kinesiology and a Master’s of Physical Therapy, opening my business in 2014, and the passion I have for educating and treating all pelvic health conditions across the lifespan. All wonderful, true and important to me.

My life was working through checking off boxes, and if I’m completely honest I was perfectly content plugging away just the way I had been. I had some big vision planning set for the clinic, was game planning how to elevate my business to a whole new level for 2020/2021.

Now we get to the bottom of it. Pages like this typically aren’t born out of the mundane, typical, box-checking life. In November of 2019 I found a breast lump. A whirl-wind ensued with many other life-altering significant events. The profound perspective shift that comes with a cancer diagnosis and treatment has me drawn to tell my story from a vantage point that doesn’t fit with my current business model.

My new bio as the foundation for this page is as follows:

Haylie Lashta is a mother of two strong, independent and dynamic children; traits which they come by honestly. Above all else she strives to show them what strength, perseverance and grit while maintaining softness and love, through the face of adversity looks like. She has a background in Physiotherapy and first hand experience in navigating the medical system as it relates to a critical illness diagnosis and aims to help educate providers, patients and survivors about patient care and advocacy. Haylie is drawn to public speaking and provides educational and motivational content to various workplaces, schools, and groups. Being un-apologetically authentic while remaining vulnerable and real are the foundations for her success and determination to work through the hand dealt to her with compassion and poise.

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This post is a tribute to my Gus puppy. Today is his birthday. This day last year we discovered that he didn’t have diabetes like I had thought. No, he had an aggressive cancer that was ravaging his body. My beautiful, loyal, goofy, wonderful soul pup was very sick and there was nothing I could do about it.

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