I’m on a Boat…

Life this year has been a ride - water rapids on a rollercoaster through fire sort of ride. At first it seemed like there were too many people on the boat. You can't quite remember who all is there and what they do but they are all super important. Onco, breast surgeon, radiation onco, nurses, chemo, gynecologist... They feel like buoys to help keep the boat balanced and safe.

We don’t live in a vacuum

Ultimately the recommendations of my care team made our decision for us, however, even if I didn't have to be going through what I am currently, we would likely still have come to the same conclusion. Having extended family members also immunocompromised impacts our decisions even during the 'regular' cold and flu season. No matter what decision someone else has made in regards to school and where they sit from a risk level, I still support you. I believe in freedom of choice. However, I also believe in our social contract. This essentially boils down to the fact that we don't live in a vacuum.