We don’t live in a vacuum

Ultimately the recommendations of my care team made our decision for us, however, even if I didn't have to be going through what I am currently, we would likely still have come to the same conclusion. Having extended family members also immunocompromised impacts our decisions even during the 'regular' cold and flu season. No matter what decision someone else has made in regards to school and where they sit from a risk level, I still support you. I believe in freedom of choice. However, I also believe in our social contract. This essentially boils down to the fact that we don't live in a vacuum.

Be a Little Selfish

I do NOT have time for this. I am raising small children, working, being a (good?) wife, and living life. I need to organize, schedule, clean, cook, drive, manage, pay bills, and do all the things every. single. day. I don't have time for cancer! You know what? CANCER DOESN'T CARE

What I Really Want to Say (But Can’t Always)

All of this process has me thinking of so many things. It's so challenging to be real and truthful about the entire journey because a large chunk of what makes me, me, is just the 'getting it done-ness'. Things need doing? I do them. People need help? I help them. Someone needs support or a listening ear? I am that person... It is so challenging to now feel inadequate and weak and to accept help from family and friends as a "doer".

Results and Recovery

This past four weeks has felt simultaneously like a slow-moving snail and has gone by in a flash. This continues to be my experience throughout the journey. The moments when you are in them seem to drag on forever and then looking back has finished in a blink.