Comparison is the Thief of Connection

It has been an unbelievable two weeks since I published the website and began sharing my story. The amount of love and support that has come flooding in from friends, family, acquaintances and strangers has been truly unbelievable and humbling. It solidifies the feeling that I had that connection and sharing my voice may be needed. There is much going on in the world right now that I feel drawn to first learn about and grow from before even beginning to speak to. So today I want to bring you thoughts about Connection & Comparison.

It’s the connection, compassion and encouragement is what I want to provide to anyone reading this or seeing me in person, whether that is just running into someone out and about (hopefully soon…) or as a client at the clinic.

So many people have been afraid of what to say, or not say, what to do, or not do, or that I am not interested in their problems.

By comparison many people say that they don’t want to bother me with their problems because “what you are going through is just more significant”. However, comparison is the thief of connection.

During this time when we are all craving human connection, having difficulty with physical distancing because human nature is to be driven to be close to each other is not the time to second guess your gut instinct. We are incredibly social beings and it is not natural for us to remain separated from friends and family. We have been isolating at our home since the end of February for the most part, and I have had no outings except to go for appointments at the cancer centre, and thankfully to a flower shop with my daughter for 15 minutes on Saturday (check my IG and Facebook for a post on that!)

When we compare our respective realities and choose to not share our story or our truth with one another because we are afraid; it robs us of our opportunity to connect with those in our community.

If nothing else I hope that people discover that comparing hardships prevents all of us from getting what we truly need – compassion and connection with one another. Your current hardships are, from my perspective, just as challenging if not more so than what I have going on. We are all making the best of our own situations – because that’s just what we do – but challenging in its own way and not ‘less than’ anyone else’s trials 💕

Consider this space an entirely judgement free zone – I want you to be able to truly say anything and not feel like you can’t say something because ‘it’s not that big’. It’s all big stuff and life altering.

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