The “Rules” and Re-opening

This is perhaps an unpopular opinion. Here in Saskatchewan we are getting into the final phases of re-opening and are heading into our fifth month of Government provided guidelines and restrictions. There is tension abound regarding the return to school plans – which we will be hearing more about shortly.

For me life didn’t change much with lock down. We weren’t going out really anyways, I stopped grocery shopping when I started chemo, and I was avoiding crowds and public places. Our biggest change was not seeing my extended family or friends, and pulling my daughter out of school. I also spent 3 days shutting down my business for the indefinite future.

Throughout the lock down and gradual re-opening of the province, there have been many different opinions and thoughts on how it is working. I disagree on the order of some of the proposed re-openings based on my knowledge, but overall I think we have done really well.

Physical Distance Hugs to celebrate end of chemo
Physical Distance Hugs: Celebrating the end of Chemo

Does it bother you that people aren’t following the rules?

In short my answer is no. It truly doesn’t. The long answer is a little more complicated.

Ultimately I have worked really hard, even pre-pandemic, to choose a mindset where I believe that everyone is doing their best at any one given moment in time. That toddler having a melt down? Doing their best. An adult belittling someone? Also doing their best. I know that for some this may seem odd, but I know that I am always doing the best with what I’ve got; and sometimes my best doesn’t look very good. Like the times I have lost patience with my kids, or when you misinterpret something someone has said and become snappy at them.

I choose to believe that everyone is doing their best with the information that they have

Essentially, I think that many people that are being more lackadaisical with the guidelines and rules probably don’t have someone in their life that is at greater risk like me. They probably don’t know anyone who has contracted COVID-19, been ill and passed away or are suffering from long-term effects. For that I am grateful for them that they don’t have these things to experience and consider. I choose to think that if they knew someone that was compromised, or had seen someone with the illness struggle that they would change their behaviour.


I simply can’t go through life trying to control other people, and being worried about their actions. We can’t shame people into doing what we want, they have to want to do it for themselves. It is my belief that we set an example through our own actions. I prefer to practice what I preach to my kids “Let’s choose kindness and love”. Be gentle with one another.

So when someone is going somewhere and I choose to wear a mask, know that I choose it out of kindness, not out of fear. I hope that by wearing my mask, I make it easier for others to choose to do the same.

Wearing is caring!

3 thoughts on “The “Rules” and Re-opening

  1. Amen Sista, I agree with you!
    None of us are perfect or make the best decisions or examples all the time, we all have weaknesses
    Stay safe Haylie!

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    1. Thanks Arlene! Weaknesses and hard moments will be a part of everyone’s journey through life – choosing kindness and grace is what I aim for (I don’t always hit it but I try and that counts too!)


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